I changed the fill valve last week and need your comments to this post please:
The replacement of the existing fill valve with the 400A was fairly simple, straightforward, & produced a good result. However there were several steps I was unable or unwilling to perform & I ask your opinions:
1)I used the old refill tube & clip on the overflow pipe inserting the tubing about a 1/2″ in the top of the overflow pipe as was the case with the old refill valve. I did not attach the angle adaptor to the refill tube above the overflow pipe as described in the instructions.
2)I could not lenghten the height of the fill valve a full 1″ higher than the top overflow tube at the Critical Level, “C.L” mark, as described, because the top of the valve was then too high for the tank, preventing the cover of the toilet tank from lying flat. I adjusted the valve 1/2″ to 3/4″.
3)I was unable to remove the valve top as instructed to allow sand & rust to run through the valve with the water supply turned on, however I do not think there was any sand or rust in the water supply as this is not a new house. I don’t see how one could perform this step, pop the top off the valve, with the valve seated in place without breaking it.
Still the toilet flushes fine with no leaks or water running, the fill level less than 1″ from the top of the overflow tube, no siphoning or running of water detected. However I do see I slight trickle of water coming from near the top of the valve when flushing, which stops once the water level is reached.