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      We painted our room yellow yesterday and the paint was too bright. We tried watering down several different colors of paint and wiped them over the surface of the yellow to tone it down but just couldn’t get the color right. We tried black, brown & red (separately)just to see what effects we could get. Is there a different way to go about toning the yellow down?

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      I painted my family and kitchen rooms a nice happy yellow and had to go running for my sunglasses. It was a bit like looking at the movie National Lampoon Christmas Vacation. When Chevy Chase …. Clark Griswold turns the outside Christmas lights on and it just about blinds everyone.

      I decided to give it a week before I did anything. I hung my pictures back on the walls and to my surprise it didn’t look anywhere near as bright as it first did. Try giving it a week before you do anything else in case the same thing happens for you. I did do one thing and that was I painted one of the walls in dark blue as a feature wall and then hung some nice stainless steel famed prints on there. The dark blue feature wall complements the yellow. Maybe give that a try. “it doesn’t have the be dark blue”

      Hope this helps you out.
      Regards from Noelene

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      You might try a faux finish over it, but honestly if it’s that bad it seems as though it would be less work to just repaint.

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      Thanks for the advice. We went on vacation a couple days and when we returned the walls didn’t bother me near so much. I think the problem may have been the trim. We had painted it white and it just looked too clean/sanitary. We decided the problem may not have been the walls so much as the trim so we lightly stained the trim. I believe it might just work. We install the molding in the morning and the furniture arrives in the afternoon. Hope it all comes together in the end.

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