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      Raymond G. Suelzer

      I have noticed that much of the exterior window

      and door moulding (even window sills) on my house does not consist of a single pieces of wood. Rather each length of wood moulding/sill consists of smaller lengths of wood that have been “spliced” together with a type of dovetail joint.

      I’m wondering why this is so. Economy? Or perhaps it was meant to make it theoretically possible to replace a small section of the moulding/sill when it begins to rot rather than an entire section.

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      It’s all about $$$$$$.Nothing gets wasted at the lumber mill.Interior and exterior trim incorporate this finger jointed material.You will pay extra for solid wood and pay a little less for the finger jointed wood,and pay a little less for particle board coverd with veneer.Watch out for this partical board crap when buying pre-hung doors or door jamb stock.Luck

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