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      I live in Louisiana with a West facing backyard (VERY hot in the summer).I am interested in covering my home’s rear patio with a gable style roof cover. My partially covered concrete patio is 14′ deep and 18′ wide (7′ x 18′ currently covered). The new roof will tie into the existing roof and extend out into the yard about 8 feet (to make 22′ x 18′).

      I have three questions. First, do I need to have a specialized/finish framer come do the work, or can it be a general framing company, like the guys who built the house?

      Second, one contractor (or subcontractor, as he called himself)gave me a quote that said “the labor, insurance, and other cost are going to cost …..” Is it a common practice that contractors charge for insurance or do they usually have their own?

      Third, I would guess that, because we have hurricanes down here, I’ll need a permit to add this roof tie-in. If I do need one, should I get it myself or should I have the contractor I choose get it and be responsible for it?

      Please let me know. Thanks.

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      most often, those plans need a professional stamp ( arch / pro engineer ),,, they’ll calculate wind loads, uplift force, etc, & provide a materials list,,, after that, get whoever you want as long as they can read plans & git ‘er done ! ! !

      we don’t add separate items for ins, ovhd, etc,,, builder’s risk insurance is another issue – be certain you KNOW how he’s defining those terms – you also need to be added as an addl insured to his policy & NO WORK STARTS til you have his ins form in YOUR hand,,, there’s more but my bride, nagzilla, calls,,, bruno will be along to finish up 😉 good luck !
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