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      Help, every time it rains heavily, and only when it rains water enters my home through the floors of my bedroom closet and my son’s bedroom which have adjoining walls, why????

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      could be a number of reasons.ground sloped toward house,water getting in from roof and trickling down,bad mortor joints(if brick)caulking missing around wimdows or something like that.
      hard to say need to really look around good and simulate a rain situation with a garden hose maybe.

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      * I assume that your house is built on a slab and that the wall next to your bedrooms is on the bottom of a slope.
      * I further assume that the ground is above your slab in elevation. This will allow water to come in through the brick weep holes or to come in under the wooden sole plates in the wall.
      * Fix: Dig a trench that is 2 inches deeper than the slab top level. And, that the trench has a slope to draw water away from the slab.
      * You may even dig the trench deeper to allow you to install a perforated PVC drain pipe sloping away from the house.
      * Good luck… Adios… Jasper…

      Jasper Castillo

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