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      Hi, I bought this cheap shower door from Home Depot, I siliconed it everywhere and it is still leaking from bottom, I am thinking of ripping the whole piece lip thingy and recaulk it, this will be my 3rd time, 1st time when I installed it, 2nd time recaulk everywhere and still leaking so now I have to remove lip again and caulk the heck out of it? Are there stores that just sell the lip piece or have a longer piece that goes under the shower door to prevent water running down towards the lip? Any suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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      you may stop water from running under the sweep however there’s an opening at each side of the door which cannot be blocked,,, the sweep doesn’t go UNDER the door al a your garage door, either.

      that’s why there’s a curb who’s top tiles slope inward – our is 1/4″ for the 4″ curb width,,, we still get water at either side of the door at the bottom but not much
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