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      Previous owner of my home must have loved knotty pine
      panelling since all three bedrooms are decorated this
      way. Guess what I hate it. I’ve been told I can
      wallpaper over this, but I should paint, size, hang a
      paper liner, size, then hang wall paper. Are all these
      steps necessary? What happens if I want to change the
      wallpaper do I have to repeat all those steps again?

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      Barbara Erwin

      We live underground so our walls are concrete. There are rough 4X8′ wood panels covering the concrete and we put panelling over that. Want to wallpaper now. Can wallpaper be put over the panelling — or wouldn’t one be able to see the stripes in the panelling. What can I do to overcome the problem. By the way, we love watching your show on T.V.



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      Sue La Mar Fincher

      I lived in a mobile home most of my adult life and I loved the decorated panels on the walls in the kitchen there were spices and spoons and in the bathrooms there were palm leaves and flowers – I live in an old house and the rec room is a disaster and I would like to use panels like the ones in my old trailer to cover up some of the worst walls – where can I buy this kind of stuff it was super thin but more like a panel than wall paper but thinner than the fake wood panels. do you know where I can look at a book to order things like this?

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      Lois Kniszek

      can I wallpaper over paneling. Do I need to prepare the paneling in any way?

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      Ro Walek

      How do I wall paper over panelling. It dark, shiny & has the impended stripes ever 6 in. or so.

      Do I prime it first? Then put down the wallpaper?

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      How do I put wallpaper over wood paneling?

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