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      I want to install wainscotting in my bathroom, but I’d prefer to not use an adhesive, like liquid nail, to attach it to the wall. If I use braid nails and then silicone caulking around all the edges will that suffice to hold it to the walls? I figure if I use an adhesive it’s never coming off and I’m only planning to own the home for a few more years.

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      you can use small finish nails to initially secure it and then use painters caulk to cover the nails and seams and it should hold fine. Make sure the nails are imbedded into the wall studs so that it will secure the wainscotting. Do not use silicone caulk on the trim if you can avoid it as it is unpaintable.

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      True wainscot is applied in vertical tongue and groove board sections and requires that wooden nailers be placed behind the drywall or plaster about every foot or 16″ vertical distance.

      This allows you to nail thru the tongue and into a nailer so that the wainscot holds properly.

      Adhesive is then an option.

      Otherwise you have no choice BUT to use an adhesive.

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      yeah the nails will hold it to walls

      but i think your planing to use the ply wainscoting? is going to warp and buckle if you dont glue and nail it

      i say it once i say it again, do things the right way the first time and you only have to do it once

      you dont want to have to pull this stuff off and do it again, so glue and nail as manfacture recomends or as commonly accepted construction practices dictate

      i can just see the new home buyers complaining about the crumby warped plywood wainscoting in the bathroom, “why did’nt you glue it?” they going to say



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