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      On a show that aired on TLC recently,
      Bob showed a vinyl storage building
      that “snapped” together.
      Does anyone know of a resource for
      vinyl storage buildings?

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      Doug Ellwood
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      I thought I’d take a look at the same thing my self. Having seen your post on *** ****’s Forum is a week old, I’m assuming you’re still following it. Hence, you’re getting this direct d-mail from me.

      I don’t know about you, but I had a HECK of a time working with RUBBERMAID’s web page. In fact, I sent them an e-mail about it. I was hoping for a Search option but I didn’t see one. Then I started poking around. No luck there either until I decided to look at their Cataloge. Thinking that this page was where you go to ‘order’ a cataloge in the mail, low-and-behold, it was an on-line cataloge! THEN, once I went to this web page, http://www.rubbermaid.com/shop/catpage.htm (Page ‘A’) I see a ‘category’ for Sheds. It links you to http://www.rubbermaid.com/hware/feature/hw2shfea.htm (Page ‘B’) ALSO on page ‘A’, just below the link for Sheds, is a link for Special Solutions which ALSO has a link for Sheds! (I didn’t note the link but you’ll see it …) I see at the bottom of page ‘B’ ANOTHER link to ANOTHER web page for Sheds! http://www.rubbermaid.com/hware/hw1shed.htm (Page ‘C’) I’m not going to try to explain all this but it’s not fun trying to navigate around a site so dis-jointed! By this time I was totally frustrated and am scrapping buying a vinyl shed from them at least! (Well, I’m frustrated to say the least.) I thought I’d pass on the web pages to you in case you didn’t get to them yourself. Happy trails. See ya on the Forum.


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      try to call kloppenburg & associates at 414-240-0504. they make them from 4′ x 4′ to 8′ x 10′ and the ysnap togather. they have regular size doors,windows,and even sky lites. i don’t know if you are still looking but these are the best ones i’ve seen.

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      Tom and Teresa

      Hello Shed Lovers!

      We live in Baltimore, Maryland 21225.

      We need a VINYL SHED
      (we don’t want ANY maintenance!)

      We checked with Lowes and Home Depot and saw a 10×15 shed by Royal Winchester, but it was TOO SMALL!

      Where can we find a BIG VINYL SHED like a 12×20?


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      try Royal Outdoor web site

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      Walking out of Lowe’s hardware store today, I checked out their sheds. They had a vinyl shed with a paper-label, something like “Royal vinyl storage”. I tried to look’m up on the internet, but my lack of experience is a hinderance. You may have better luck finding them.


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      Try Royal Outdoor Products at http://www.royaloutdoor.com

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      Kamal Parekh

      http://WWW.royaloutdoor.com is the manufacturers web site for the vinyl outdoor sheds. Also Home Depot and Lowe’s has these in-stock. Good Luck

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      need a plastic/vinyl storage shed to put down the shore metal, and wood don’t last …it can’t be very big 5 ft tall max do you know were i can find something like this other then rubbermaid?

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      M. J. McMichael

      You might want to take a look at http://www.suncast.com. They have snap together resin plastic sheds complete with floor and wide doors. I’m planning to get one for my town house deck.

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      does anyone know how the vinyl storage sheds hold up in upstate n.y. my camp averages 350 inches of snow. does anyone know the loads of these vinyl sheds. i really like them and home depot currently has them for $498 each and i want 2 of these 7 foot by 7 foot sheds.

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      Cosmos by Workforce has a snap together shed.

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      P Potter

      The Smart Shed would have been my choice, but Sam’s Club does not deliver and I would have to rent a truck to transport the 11x7x6.6 package, and even if I did that, I don’t think I could manage the 548 lbs. in one package. Someone posted that they unpackaged everything in the parking lot to load it onto their truck. I understand that, now. I’m really sad that I can pay for this product, but still cannot purchase it.

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      P Potter

      Royal has started to provide floors that do not require a cement base or a plywood. It is a synthetic vinyl containing floor. I just bought an 8 x 10 shed with skylights and shelving and hanging racks as well as this floor and it all will be delivered to my door by Home Depot for about $55. The price of the vinyl shed (Winchester) has dropped by $100. I am happy as a pig in sh*t!!!!

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      Doug Walker

      What`s the general concencus about these sheds ?

      Anybody had problems /

      And what kind if any ?

      Thanks for any replies

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      I looking for the vinyl shed. have any one bought these product before. Need some infor. Thanks.

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      I’m looking at a Big Max vs. a YardMate. I like the head room in the Big Max (7X7). The YardMate is an 8X6 but is only about 6 ft. high vs. the Big Max at over 7 ft. The YardMate looks sleeker but both stores where I saw the YardMate, it had holes/cracks in the vinyl. Don’t know how those happened but obviously not puncture proof. It’s double walled but hollow in-between. I can’t see this happeneing with the Rubbermaid due to the resin type construction. If anyone has comments on the quality of either, it would be appreciated.

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      Gwin Wayman

      I recently broke 2 hinges on the door of my vinyl shed where can I buy replacement parts

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      AMit Schwartz

      Does anyone know a site where I could purchase the 8X6 cosmos vinyl shed the cheapest?

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      Been trying to find a plastic shed in the states. We have some association restrictions, so the right size (smaller) is important. Looked at Duramax, Rubbermaid and Royal as option, but saw A “Black & Decker” Apex 8×6 shed at Lowes. I have seen this as the Apex shed, only available in Canada and Europe, but it was nice to see one in a California Lowes.

      The Black & Decker flavor comes only 8×6, I was interested in the 4×6. I don’t know what the construction is like – cosmos, duramax, royal, or rubbermaid? Panels look molded, not extruded, but is it double walled? Can’t tell. Does anyone have any info on this shed, or on the manufacturer? Black & Decker doesn’t have it up on their site either. This is the best link I’ve found to see it.


      It might ask for an area code.

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