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      help, i am considering purchasing a block house…i would like to apply vinyl siding over the block…furring strips? what does this entail? am i getting into a nightmare…don’t want to get over my head…my boyfriend has asthma and is concerned about the block and mold problems…the only solution i can think of is to side over the block…what kind of a mess am i getting into…please help…love the house…would make a great home…also they say there is a spring under the home…and the basement gets water in it in the spring and fall…they have had the basement dug up and waterproofed…they said that a layer of cement over the floor approx. 2-3 inches thick would correct the problem…what is your opinion…love the house…don’t want to loose it but, on the other hand want to be practicle about the purchase…any help would be greatly appreciated…thank you so much…justme wynn

      justme wynn

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      Vinyl siding over block can be installed without any concern for mold, but the basement water problems may be a deal killer.

      Adding concrete to the basement floor will not correct water problems and it could require a $10,000 or more investment to solve your basement water problems depending upon its size and your particular situation.

      Unless you can get a guarantee from the owner’s in advance holding them reponsible for any water infiltration after treatment, you need to reconsider purchasing this property and find another.

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      Buying a house with a spring under the floor is just asking for a myriad of problems, all of which will be very expensive to alleviate. Unless the builder was Frank Lloyd Wright, I can’t imagine why anyone would have built over a spring.

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