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      I have a Victory Gas Boiler (model V-90EP). It’s been working just fine; turning on and automatically shutting off-until this morning.

      All of a sudden, it turns on and won’t shut off, just continues running.

      Any idea what is causing this? I’m not sure if this is coincidental or not, but last night my wife dusted the top of the unit with a dry floor mop. Could she have loosened a wire that might cause this?

      Thanks for all your help!

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      Occasionally, the boiler ignition sequence will need service so the sensor can prover there is a flame. If it can’t the fans will keep running.

      You could try to see if the gas valve is moving by following page 12 here:

      But you would do better to follow the factory instructions and call a qualified repairman. energy businessmen’s knowledge

      Yes, you really have to find out the MAKE and MODEL to get good answers. There IS more than one machine made.

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      from the draft inducer motor.

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      Now, in addition to my original post, the pilot light went out. I followed the re-ignite steps in the book, but it won’t re-light. Any ideas?

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