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      I want to tile my kitchen floor and eventually my bathroom. I am somewhat “handy” and really patient. Do you recommend renting a wet saw to cut the tiles or does the old score and break method work well?

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      The wet saw is more versatile and will make more cuts than the score and snap. With the score and break you can only cut straight lines pretty much. A wet saw will allow L’s and even curved cuts with proper technique. The wet saw will also give you a nice smooth edge on the cut. One of the biggest drawbacks is the cost and they are messy!

      If all you’ll need to cut is straight lines then the score and snap is the way to go. You’ll have to file the edges to smooth, but not a big deal. I’d suggest looking at the cuts you need to make and determining the cost vs. the use. You can buy a carbide hole cutter and coping saw blade for a lot less than a wet saw.

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      If you decide to rent a wet saw keep this in mind. When pushing the tile threw the blade go slow and do not force the tile. It can crack as you near the end…. Make sure you change the water often too. The dust from the tiles starts to cake up and make the water muddy. This will clog up the pump and create a big headache for you. I have done four bathroom floors, one laundry room floor and an enrty way floor. I purchased a wet saw because economically it made sense instead of renting. A few friends have even been lucky enough to borrow it! I would recomend the wet saw over the tile cutter (score and break method)anyday! Good luck.

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