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      i just notice when I was changing out the flust handle and the fill valve and the float valve that when I turn the water off at the shut off and disconnect the toilet tank the chrome hose attached to the shut off was still trickling out and put a pail underneath to catch the water and by the time I attached the new fill valve the pail had around a 1/4 to 2 inces of water and still coming out why is this happening and how do I fix it. I went down staries to check the main line and shut off from there and was ok is the valve in the wall broken and is there a quick fix to that without repping it out of the wall any help we be greatly appreciated. Thank you all

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      you can buy parts to repair a shutoff valve if it’s going to be a federal case to replace it.

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      for some unknown reason, God has determined that rarely used faucets/shutoffs, such as a bowl feed line, are to be a character test for us mortals 🙂 subsequently, i often question/challenge my faith.

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