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      Al Fox

      I have a Bi-level home and the family room is on a concret slab. This room, up to Floyd, had carpet on the floor. I have had to replace the carpet once befor due to water problems. When I did that I painted the floor with Dry-loc UVL. Ihave corrected the water problem but want to tile with 12″ square tiles. My question is what if any thin set or other adhesive could I use, or what do I have to do to prepare the floor.

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      Bonding to the Dry-Loc should not be a problem with most adhesives. I’m not sure about thinsets. They probably would do better bonding directly to the concrete, but maybe adhering to the paint won’t be a problem either.

      As for any adhesive, you will be relying on the Dry-Loc’s adhesive qualities with the concrete, to hold down your tiles, no matter how good your tile adhesive is. It’s kind of like a coat of good paint on a coat of bad paint. If the bad paint begins to separate from the surface, the good paint will come off with it. If the Dry-Loc fails, so will your tiles.

      Of course, Dry-Loc works well in these situations, so there is a good chance everything will be fine.

      Good luck.

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      Fred Matthews

      refinish a smooth or stamped paver pattern, also weather concerns in Portland, Or. Do you have a dealer or contractor in this area? The area is at least 15’X 24′ and possible walkways to match.



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