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      I’m looking for the Paint Formula for a Ralph Lauren Color called “Sultan Red”. I used this color in early 2000 and it has since been discontinued; it was from the Safari Collection. Does anyone have a can sitting at home with the Formula on top so I can get this mixed??!! Please share if you do. I had a sample card but color matching did not work!
      Much appreciated!!

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      These tint-bases have changed twice since then. The formula 8 years ago wouldn’t exactly match in todays bases. The sheens have changed some too.
      Unless you can find a store/someone with an old tint-base, you’re out of luck for an exact match!

      We MAY have old RL formula’s, but again, it wouldn’t exactly match using todays bases anyway….
      (I’m at an independant RL-paint retailer, NOT a HD!!)

      If it’s for touch-up, it won’t match anyway, mainly because of wear/fade on your existing walls.



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