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      I have some termite damage to a select number of diagonal 1″x6″ subfloor boards. I could just replace the affected boards but I would really like to replace the whole subfloor with 3/4″ treated plywood tongue and groove.

      What is the exact proceedure for removal and replacement of the subfloor?

      1. Do you just cut into the old subfloor at the wall edges?
      2. Is treated plywood ok for the subfloor in the interior of a house?
      3. Do you lay the 4’x8′ sheets of plywood perpendicular to the joists and staggered?


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      Since no one else seems to be responding, I will give it a shot. Question #1 – If the subflooring was installed after the walls were framed, you can just pry the boards up after removing the baseboard and shoe mold, if any. If the walls were framed after the subfloor, then you will have to cut each board flush with the wall sill plate.
      Question #2 – Treated plywood is OK to use, but not necessary.
      Question #3 – Yes

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