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      how do i figure the square footage of a rectangle room using 2ft.x2ft.ceiling tile on a 45 degree angle? size is 52×72.

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      2×2 tile is 4 square feet.
      52×72 is 3744 Square feet.
      Divide 3744 by 4
      Answer is 938 Tiles.

      * You don’t have to take 45 degrees into consideration.
      * Measure each surface and total up the square footage. Measure the ceiling from the peak to where it meets the wall. Multiply length by width and that’s the square footage for that ceiling.
      * Do the same for the other side. Add both sides and that gives you the square footage for the ceiling.
      * Divide that figure by the square footage of the tile, in this case 4. That will give you the number of tiles.
      * You’ll also have to get extra tiles in case some tiles break or are mis-cut.
      * Good luck… Adios… Jasper…

      Jasper Castillo

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