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      Charisse Abillano

      I have a rear sliding door fiberglass frame that was broken into where an individual jammed a crowbar or something between the frame and the door. Anyway, the frame now has marks, bent and flatten areas were they used the crowbar on. Can this portion of the frame be changed or does the whole frame or unit has to be changed.

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      I had an old house that was in a not so great neighborhood and we got a crowbar treated wooden door frame noninvite too. (doubtless one of my many fans)

      I think metal framing will be more of a challenge than my wooden framing, however, if you are not too particular, you can get something to straighten out the damage. If you can’t or you don’t like my cheap fixit, it sounds like you’ll need a new frame. I would opt for trying to repair what you have and hope they don’t come back. Yikes!

      happy framing

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      suggest you can also go to http://www.askthebuilder.com and do a search on door repair. There is a good article about repairing a pocket door and it addresses buying kits and parts which may apply to your situation.

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      If you can identify the manufacturer, you may be able to get a replacement jamb if that particular model door is still cataloged. JHMO

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      I have tried numerous shops to find a frame for two doors i want to put into a patio unit but cant find them sold sperately if you have any luck e-mail me at sacrzuniga@yahoo.com

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