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      Hi everyone. I am remodelling my 2nd floor bathroom, and I have ripped up the floor to replace a messed up tile job. I found that the joists have a number of problems. First, water damage from a broken toilet. Second, the tops of the joists have been “carved”, so that most of them now have a pointy top, making it a bit hard to lay and attach a new subfloor. My question is, can I sister the joists with new “flat topped” 2×8 or 2×10 wood, at the same time lifting the “sisters” an inch or two (if using the same hieght wood) to clear some water pipes laying on top of the existing joists, and previously covered by dirt, concrete and two layers of tiles. Are there any structural consequences to “stepping” the sistered joists in this way, or is this an acceptable repair? The sistered joists would only be attached on the section of floor exposed in the bathroom, not across the whole span of the house. Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated. I have photos if anyone needs a picture. 🙂 Thanks

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      doug seibert

      I’ll look at your pics……click my name for eddress…..

      “measure once …..cut twice”

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