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      I bought a house that was built back in 1963..all the fixtures are american standard and still holding up real well..some have been repaired by myself.My question is a shower located on second floor does not have the water pressure that the other fauctes do in the house. The sink basin in the same bathroom has very good pressure yet the shoer head just has about 50%of the pressure it should have.This set has a cold and a hot valve and a valve in center that controls where the water is directed..what can be my problem and how can this be corrected?..thanks great web site..use it frequently being a home owner..Bob

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      It could be that the shut-off valves have mineral build up after 41 years. You may have to disassemble them to clean out the seats and replace the washers. (I’m assuming these are washer type faucets)
      Are you sure there isn’t a restrictor in the shower head? That would be the easy fix if that’s the case.
      Good Luck!

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      How’s your pressure with the shower head off? How long has it been since the faucet was last repaired? If you have an aqua-seal they will go decades without repair but will quit opening all the way. Sometimes the cap washer will pull off but you can still use it.

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