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      Unregistered-brisca 53

      i have got a shower elictric when i went to turn it off it carrys on driping is there any way i can stop this please? i have took the front off and turned the knok on a bit then fitted the cover back out to give it a bit more turn but it stil leeks please help


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      doug seibert

      “…measure once…..cut twice….throw that one away and cut a new one….”

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      Doug, why do you assume the OP is in Great Britain? My first thought was that English wasn’t the writer’s first language.

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      “got a shower elictric “

      with the misspelling and ESL it is hard to say what he ment.

      But in places there are tankless electric heaters that heat the shower water.

      I have seen some pictures of a unit in south america that had a cartrdige like heater that screwed on between the head and the shower arm and a cord (in less than great shape) stretch out the shower.

      My guess is that he in not in UK, but maybe SA or Southern Europe or the ME. Maybe even Asia.

      but he might be in the US and have one of the really fancy show “systems” where the flows, nozzles, and tempatures are programable.

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