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      Patrick Hoey

      My wife and I just bought a home and the oven is a mess! It’s a self-cleaning oven that the previous owner was too lazy to set to the cleaning mode.

      Even after running the self-clean twice, it’s still disgusting. My wife is struggling to clean it manually using a Brillo pad, but its a hard job.

      My question is this: can we use Easy Off oven cleaner even though its a self-cleaning stove? If not, would it be safe to use some type of cleaner (like Fantasik) to help loosen the burnt-on stuff so the Brillo pad can cut to the surface easier?

      Thanks in advance for any advice!

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      Check with and the manuf’s customer service dept.
      Are you sure it’s actually going into self-clean
      mode? That should be hot enough to burn off most

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