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      I can open the garage using the remote on the wall or the one in my car. However, the only way to close it is using the remote on the wall by holding the button down until the door is completely shut.

      I have tried resetting the sensors by removing them from the bracket and pointing it at the wall for a few seconds.

      Does any one have any ideas that might help me resolve this problem?


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      on the back of the opener there is sencers for up and down pressure.. Go the the one with arrow down and adjust it with screwdriver
      probably 3/4 turn will do it ..let us know how it works out

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      Read the manual.

      That is the EXACT SYMPTOM of a failure of the safe sensors.

      They do not need to be “reset”.

      Make sure that they are clean. I have seen blowing leafs and pull rope block them.

      And aligned. There is an LED on each one that should be lite if they are not blocked and aligned.

      If not check the wiring for any loose connections or broken wires.

      If this still does not fix it them you need to replace them.

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