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      Do we have any arborists here? During the hurricane Ivan last year a huge old oak blew down, falling against a pretty good sized black gum taking out the top half of the gum as it fell. I cut the remainder of the black gum down below the ground line. Well, I am having black gum sprouts coming up all over my yard. These are coming up from root shoots from the original tree. Yesterday I dug up some of these as best I could without tearing up the whole lawn. As far as 30′ away from the original tree I pulled up a length of root about 1″ in diameter, and I could not get either end. Does anyone have a solution to ridding myself of this pest, short of actually digging up the yard?

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      This is what I would try:
      1)Uncover the remainder of the stump, drill several 1 inch holes in it, and pour a solution of copper sulfate in the holes.
      2)Purchase some liquid brush killer (Ortho makes one) that is usually diluted and sprayed on brush to kill it. Instead of pulling/cutting off the sprouts, spray or brush on a solution of this vegetation killer. The sprouts should die off, and eventually the root system will also die.
      Good Luck!

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      Hi Thiggy,

      I have been watching the news here in Sydney and it’s informing us about Hurricane Dennis and that it’s a very dangerous hurrican. I hope you and your family are going to be safe as it passes through. Kind regards Noelene

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