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      I own a raised ranch and have original wood windows installed. I want to replace these windows with more energy efficient windows but I am on a tight budget.
      I want to install the windows myself and was wondering if I need to purchase replacement windows or new construction windows? Is it safe to purchase windows online? If so are any web sites recommended?
      How about the home stores like Home Depot and Lowes? Are the windows they sell good?

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      you are going to need replacement windows,thats for sure.the best window there is,is the window that was properly installed.since you want to do it yourself my suggestion is replace one window and see how it goes.if you feel comfortable with it and everything goes well then continiue.if not then you can contract the others out.some good names are anderson,marvin,and pella.

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      I’ve used Home Depot’s American Craftsman vinyl replacement windows in my home. They are very easy to install, energy rated and mechanically work very well. They have some sizes in stock and others are available on their quick ship plan. If you go to their store they usually have a chart available telling you exactly how to measure your current windows, what sizes are available and when and what the price is. The prices seem reasonable also (especially compared to some estimates we’ve had from window companies). Good luck.

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      Doit you self window replacement.

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