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      Help!! Wondering if I can remove wallpaper residue by myself with some help from you all out there, or should I just hire a professional. The home improvement shows make it look easy. Is it? I purchased a product call dif gel and am trying to use it. The paper comes off, but the wall still feels rough. What must I do to get the wall to feel smooth so that I can prime and paint. When I do prime should I use an
      oil base primer with latex paint or can I use latex primer as well. Am I going to be sorry that I tackled this job. I took all of your advise in priming for red paint. Took longer and more coats than I anticipated, but in the end it was all worth it. So many thanks for your valuable help with that. How about this project. DEE

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      Once I have gotten the paper off mosting washing and rinsing with water has gotton most of the adhesive off.

      Plus useing a sharpened scrapper.

      Most comes right off. Some need lots and lots of scraping and rubbing.

      After it is dry go over it with a drywall sanding sponge to remove any roughness.

      Then prime it with a latex stain blocker such as 123 or Sherwin William Pro Block.

      But if the dw has been torn those areas need to be skimcoated with light weight drywall compound (mud) and sanded before primming.

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