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      Maytag ice maker is not working right. When I push the bar down to create ice, it makes one huge block of ice. The basin doesnt have cubes in it. Its a solid block of ice the entire size of the basin. does this mean its leaking or somethig? not sure how these types of ice makers work.

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      unfortunately no one makes a glass large enough to use that paul bunyan size cube anymore,,, if unsure, call an appliance repairman,,, if there’s a problem w/the icemaker, a prudent owner would also have the filter changed at the same time – good luck !
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      travels through a coil to chill in the refrigerator part, goes to the ice unit where it fills an ice cube tray and then the tray freezes the cubes. The cubes are then dumped into the bin for use.

      Somewhere something is wrong with your system if you are filling the bin with water. Either you are missing parts or the ice cube tray is overfilling but you don’t mention a tray.

      It would probably be best to call a repair shop to check it out.

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      is this something that just started happening or new unit?

      see this link for more information.

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