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      Stained Wood Garage covered with polyurethane is ugly now with cracked poly and small hunks of stain. Wood details and raised paneling would be difficult or impossible to sand and very time consuming and difficult to scrape. Suggestions anyone how to get back to bare wood and refinish from scratch. I hope to use a mixture of lemon oil and linseed oil to refinish for what I hope to be a more lasting finish than the stain/poly process

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      As with good a good dental-cleaning, it’s NOT a quick process once the surface gets to the state you’re describing!

      The ONLY way to get back to “square-one” is by sanding, and possibly using a stripper in detailed areas. Even these areas may need a Dremel-sander touch-up.
      * Get a good 1/4-sheet Palm-sander, and lots of 50-grit paper for initial coating removal.
      * Use 80-100 grit for final smoothing.
      * Dust-mask & eye-goggles are important too…the dust will be a flyin’!
      * Vacuum ALL dust off, and lightly wipe with a paint-thinner dampened cloths. You’ll be surprised how much more dust comes out of the grain!

      >> NOW you’ve got a clean, sound surface that’ll absorb and hold stain evenly.

      >>> FORGET Lemon-Oil & Linseed oil!! These are VERY SLOW to dry, are mold magnets, and not that durable.

      >>> Use 3 coats of a good SPAR polyurethane, or, better yet, a Sikkens exterior siding product that forms a sheen.
      * It’s very popular up here for beautiful wood garage doors, siding, etc.
      * Not the cheapest stuff in the world (Log & Siding series is ~ $75/gallon), but it’s the only game in town for many uses.
      * 2 coats mandatory, 24 hrs. apart.
      * Check out:

      * This stuff is used frequently in MN Lakes country on Log homes, etc.
      * Couple years ago, we ordered in a $3,000 pallets’-worth for ONE newer home!!
      * On a properly prepped door, it looks beautiful!


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