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      I’m having problems with my disosal again…well, it will lead to problems I am sure.

      I believe that a blade is loose. It is a Crosley C-104 (I remembered Tom!) Basically, I know how to turn these things on and off, and how to change the switch now!, so whatever anyone can tell me will really help.

      It sounds like something is in it when I run it, but there isn’t. I’m afraid it will ruin the disposal if I don’t do something and I certainly don’t need that…

      Thanks all,

      Formerly AJ-trucker’s wife

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      The blades in the better disposals swivel and are indeed loose. It may be that something hard has bent it ever so slightly. It will probably continue to make excessive noise until it wears off the burr. I know of no way that you can “fix” this.
      About the only thing you can do is replace the disposal. I highly recommend the ISE Badger 5+ at about $90 at a home center. They are well made and relaible. I have installed several for customers.

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