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      What is causing my posts under the topic CSST to be truncated??

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      Sorry for the issues related to posting. We will look into the issue immediately!

      Dan N.

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      So thiggy, CSST is code approved in my city, but most of the plumbers I’ve talked to would rather go with iron pipe as usual. CSST connectors can be easily damaged during installation and the crimp gas-tight rings can fail if over tightened (a normal response for a home owner) and the CSST is far more delicate than iron pipe so banging it with something can cause it to fail. There can be a cost savings if longer runs are made but the connectors are pretty expensive and short runs are best done in iron. I have some lines I need to change and I’m using iron pipe for it. I’ll live with the extra work and less cost and longer life of iron.

      Oh wow!!! Preview shows a normal response to a question!!! Thank you Greg!!!

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