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      I am making replacements for the porch rail which run between the columns on my old pre Civil War house and am uncertain as what type of wood would be the best to use. The rails will be painted, and I want something that will withstand the humid Mississippi weather for many years to come. The original made by my Great Grandfather was old growth pine, which lasted for over 100 years. I know that modern fast-grown pine is not the answer, and I do not want to use pressure treated, as it will not be uniform enough, nor will it hold paint over the long haul. Can you suggest what might be good for this application? (No exotics, please.) Thanks, Thiggy

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      Clear fir seems to have been used quite a bit in my area (Eastern Pa.). It also, if maintained, has stood the test of time. I think poplar would also be a good choice.

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      Cypress would probably be your choice.

      It is grown locally (to you) and is extremely decay and insect resistant.

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