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      Veronica Obrochta

      What is the best brand of Patio doors to install?? My nephew is renovating an old house and wants to put one in breakfast area off kitchen. Someone told him to stay away from Anderson. Can anyone advise us?

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      John 2000

      Hi” Veronica, It would be very foolish and unwise
      to slag ( put down ) a company product that you dont
      know much about, try to find some one who has used
      the product that you have been told to stay away from
      and find out as much as you can about other products
      maybe its somthing about the product the the person who
      told you to stay away from dislikes….?? but look before you buy.
      John 2000

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      I think Anderson Rocks!!! I love their doors!

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      Stacy Bartolini

      Hi Veronica. I can tell you of two experiences I’ve had with Andersen doors. My first experience was when my husband and I had an Andersen sliding patio door put in our old house. It worked beautifully! I don’t know the model # but we put it in in 1995, and it was vinyl clad on one side and bare wood on the interior, and at the time cost around $900. Our second experience has been so-so. We recently moved into a home built in 1987. It has Andersen sliding patio doors (6 sets of them). They are all well insulated, but they are heavy. They don’t roll well (even after the rollers were adjusted). And the outside strips of flashing are coming loose (we have had to screw them in several spots). The house is well built and the materials used were not cheap, so I don’t think the builder half-assed these doors. It amy simply be that these doors are older, or a cheaper model, or perhaps they have problems that have since been corrected. Overall, however, I would recommend Andersen sliding doors. But I would suggest that you try them out on a display first. Although displays are only a rough approximation of what the will feel like in your home, it’s better than nothing.

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      Don Miller

      I have installed several Anderson products and always found them to be of great quality. I am currently in the process of replacing the sliders and windows in my house and have been doing some investigations. I have looked at many manufacturers and have come to a single conclusion, if the demo at the store, being abused as it is, and not really representative of an actual installation, and still functions well it is probably a good unit. Do not rely on the sales people at stores like Lowes and Home Depot! DO YOU’RE HOMEWORK! Most manufacturers have websites that list all of their specifications and a lot of models that the local stores may not stock.

      p.s. I am probably going with Andersen

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      Are Marvin’s (Integrity) sliding doors (29×80, approximately) the best, and less expensive than other good manufacturers, such as Andersen or Pella? What’s the average price, and what should installation cost?

      Thanks for your help

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