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      While I was video taping my basement flooding for the judge, my children opened the door that leads up the stairs into the garage for me. There on the bottom step was a WORM!!! Not an earthworm or anything like that. This looks like a heartworm (larger than a thread, smaller than spaghetti, about 11.5 to 12 inches long) that would be found in a dog. Now my dogs were nowhere near my garage and they have been gone for a bit now.

      I don’t know the life cycle of these things nor do I care to. I would just like to know what it was doing in my basement, how many more could there be, how did it get there, and then how would I get rid of them.

      I certainly don’t need anyone in my family becoming a host for one of these nasty sickening creatures.

      I have it in a jar of water right now and it has been almost two hours. Think I may take it up to the vet tomorrow and see what they have to say. But I had to ask all of you here at BVC first. Let me know what you think.
      I might add that this basement is flooded whenever it rains from the garage leaking. It has gotten that bad now. The water comes up over the tops of my toes.

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      A long thin and uninvited worm in a water flooded basement more than toe deep. What could possibly happen next! The only thing I found on the internet was Horsehair worms that are parasitic only to insects. Absent a better description, thats my current guess.

      Hey, whats with the judge. things must be getting serious to convince a judge to trudge around the basement! How do you get a judge to go wading in a basement anyway? Sounds like a convincing uninhabitalble dwelling case to me. This does not sound like something that a dehumidifier alone will solve. LOL, Good Luck AJ truckers wife a.k.a. minifoxx. Post back with a better description of your worm, but there are thousands of species out here. Who knows, maybe we will find a Helminthologist to answer your question. (search helminthology)


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