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      i want to paint formica cabinets. Can anyone help me? Thanks

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      John 2000

      Hi Joanne, ( sorry for the punt), youre best bet is
      to sand paper all the sides you want to paint,but use
      a fine sand paper, this will take off all the shine
      and thats what you want, this way you will have a
      better change for the paint to stick to the formica
      for the undercoat use a good quality let it dry well
      then just sand it again but very lightly clean away
      all the dust then paint again with undercoat, let it
      dry, ( the trick is toi have a good undercoat) because
      the finish coat is like water ( very thin) and that
      should do the job for you….. try not to paint the hinges.
      have a nice week end….John 2000

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      Here is a website on the subject, whether or not you use there product, the steps remain the same, useing simular 2 part epoxies is the best bet for formica.


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      please help me soon

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