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      I have access to most any brand of paint that Lowes or Home Depot carries. Additionally I have a Sherwin-Williams store and a Porter Paint store close by. For a typical home owner looking to paint the inside of their house, what brands are ok and what brands should be avoided? I know everyone has their favorite brand but I’m as much interested in what are the BAD brands to avoid.

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      Has been if you want one-coat coverage and a quality paint, stick to the paint stores, not the big box stores.
      My personal opinion is that it is hard to beat Sherwin Williams.
      Good Luck!

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      Behr is the only paint with fumes that bother me. I believe it has more VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) than other brands. I avoid it like the plague.

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      I prefer Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore paints. I have found that the better grade paints have more body and cover better that the cheaper grades.



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      One of my customers showed me a recent copy of ‘Consumer Reports’ whose issue was dedicated to anaylzing paints.

      On the top of their list for spreadabilty, coverage, price, durability and all the other criteria that was used was Behr.

      I had only rarely used Behr products in the past and reluctantly agreed to try the paint for his job.

      As a general rule of thumb, the more you pay for paint, the better the product. At only $21 per gallon for Behr instead of the normal $30 per gallon I was used to paying for premium name brand paints, I was even more reluctant to use his recommendation.

      But after using the Behr paint, I WAS impressed. It covered well, cleaned up easily, did not drip or run and covered pretty well after only 1 coat.

      (There is no such thing in reality as ‘one coat coverage’ for any paint although advertise as such.)

      I still prefer my name brand Pittsburgh Paint Manor Hall line, but Behr is certainly a paint to be considered up there with the best of them.

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