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      I have a single story home with old insulation between the rafters on the attic floor. The house could use a bit more insulation (built 1941) and the old insulation is brown and dusty if picked up. Do I add insulation over it? Do I remove and if so, any special way? If I remove, am I sending mold throughout my home?


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      Just blow or roll new insulation over the existing, being careful not to cover eave vents.

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      I have a situation much like Gbn272, but there does not appear to be any vapor barrier on the underside of the old (loose) insulation. If I lay new batting perpendicular to the joists, on top of the old insulation, do I want to use batting that has a vapor barrier, or no vapor barrier? I am trying to avoid the task of removing the old insulation – I just can’t fathom the amount of work involved in bagging up all that loose stuff. It would take me months! Do you think a vent-cleaning type of company would suck the stuff out for a decent price?

      Thank you.

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