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      I have a register that I was screwing down. There are two small screws on either side of the cover plate and one large screw in the middle. I saw that one first and tried to unscrew it. Saw the others and did them. When I took the cover off, two small pieces of metal fell down, I am assuming that is all…but we know what assume means….

      They obviously go with the large screw which is the adjuster for the vent – open/closed. One piece is a simple rectangle and the other is curved and the middle looks like it swallowed a pea. Get that? Square end and curves out in middle around screw hole and then squares off again. That’s about the best description of this I can give.

      So, I put these on in various ways…nothing worked. The vent remains closed. I cannot find a name or number or anything on this.

      Any ideas? Thank you much

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      Get a ferret….no, no, just kidding.
      Many adjustable vents are set to be wide open all the time anyway. Can you just leave the adjustable parts off and put the vent back on with the shutoff removed?
      Just a thought,
      Good Luck!

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