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      Joe Too!

      I live in a small 10 year old house in Phoenix (1300 sf) and the plumbing was PB (second gen).

      Up until this past November I have had NO problems at all with the plumbing, and inspection of it (it is in my attic) reveals it to be in great condition.

      However, in early November, after being away for 8 days, I heard this tremendous shuddering noise go through my attic that scared the crap out of me.

      Since then I have surmised that my plumbing is making these noises but I can’t pin down why. Sometimes they will shudder in the early morning or late night – I thought was because my water heater is on a timer.

      But at times I can run hot or cold water, and get the same effect, but with varying levels. Most of the time I can’t cause it when I want to. It may happen when I am finishing a shower, it may happen when the toilet tank finshes filling, it may happen when the washing maching is operating, it may happen for now apparent reason at all (then the loudest). I have tried bleeding the lines (ran water out of everything for 20 minutes) and thought it was fixed, by 2 days later it happened again.

      I am readying to sell the house (this was planned long ago), but am afraid that this will scare potential buyers away, even though the plumbing visually looks like new.

      Help! What is happening and what can I do about it?

      Thanks to anyone with answers!

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      try checking anywhere the pipes are accessible to see if any hold down strapping or clamps have come loose. pipes sometimes like to bounce and flop around if they aren’t secured

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      Bill Miller

      I had a very similiar problem a few years ago. Tried everything I could think of to no avail. Then had someone from the Board of Water Supply stop by and explained it to him. He had me install a pressure guage (temporary $10.00 one to screw on) on a faucet and check my pressure from time to time. Found the pressure regulator to be defective- it would allow the pressure to gradually build up in the system and the pipes would make a hammering sound, which got worse with time. Replaced the pressure regulator and the problem was cured.

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