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      Melisse Fowler

      Normal mildew I can handle with a bottle of diluted bleach. However this mildew is underneath the caulk at the edges of my tub. Are there any suggestions as to how I should treat this. Can I kill it without having to remove present grout? The house is on a slab with a crawl space and there is direct outside air and moisture in contact with the tub edges. Maybe some kind of sealer? I want to avoid crawling under the house. Please, advise.

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      Melisse, the question is where is the moisture coming
      from. If it is from the tub due to poorly applied or
      deteriorated caulk, then killing the mold, drying
      out the area, and recaulking (use a caulk with a
      mildewcide) should work. If, on the other hand, the
      moisture is comming from the crawlspace, you will
      have to solve that problem. Techniques for this are
      similar maintaining a dry basement (check out article
      in last issue of Fine Homebuilding (Aug?)) except
      that the additional mesaure of sealing the crawl-
      space ground with poly (Tu-Tuf is best) may be
      When the moisture is gone so will the mold and
      mildew, not before. Good luck.

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