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      When we get hard Winter winds the garage doors get pushed back and let the cold wind in. The wheels in the door tracks are loose enough to allow this and I wonder if I can mount slightly fatter wheels or modify the tracks to snug up this looseness. Any ideas?

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      & track,,, ours was $2,000 for 18′ w/operator,,, MUCH better track system, operator, AND seal !
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      In addition to that you may be able to weatherstrip the perimeter and threshold.
      At any rate you may want to consult a garage door contractor and explain what’s going on and see what the say.
      If it has that big spring across the top don’t mess with it.
      (the spring that is)

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      of ‘slop’ in the rails and rollers since nothing is ever totally plumb, parallel, or level. Not to mention that the curved portion of the railing at the top of the door have to have enough clearance to allow the door to open and close without hitting the header.

      All rails are adjustable within a certain amount. The problem is that you are dealing with a door that could weigh 300-400 pounds suspended 8 feet in the air. If you loosen the wrong bolt too much or try to move something in the wrong direction the whole thing could end up on your head.

      There are garage door weather strips that are 3-4 inches wide and can cover any normal gap between the door frame and the door, maybe 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches. Most home stores have them. If your door is looser than that then you really should call in a professional to adjust it or find the problem. It could be nothing more than moving a few bolts.

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