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      I have a weird issue going on in my house.

      The light in our master bathroom shower won’t turn on and no juice is going to an outlet in my garage.

      Here’s what I’ve done so far.

      Shower light: Changed the bulb but no juice. Tested the bulbs in other fixtures and they work fine. It’s not the circuit breaker because everything else electrical in the bathroom and bedroom turns on and off.

      Garage: Checked the other outlets – they work fine. The garage door opener works and the interior and exterior garage lights work fine.

      Any idea why two isolated fixtures just won’t up and turn on?

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      it sounds like the ground fault has tripped on one of your outlets. Look and see if the outlet with the reset button has flipped. If it has push it in and all should be ok. If it keeps flipping off you need to get professional help or a friend that knows what they are doing.

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