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      I had our dream house built and the ceiling in the family room leaks when we have a heavy rain, which is frequently in Dallas. Above the room is an open patio with greenstone. We have sealed the greenstone so many times as well as checked the roof. Is there any way to follow the source. We have cut a 1 foot hole in the room where it always leaks, but still can’t find the source. Thanks.

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      Paul C

      Did i understand correctly that you have a flat roof? Please clarify that, it would make it easier to help. If there is an attic space you may be able to follow the leak to its source by following stains on the wood.

      If you just had the house built I wouldn’t be doing this myself anyway. You paid someone to build you house and if it is new and the roof is leaking…. it seems like their responsibility.

      Good luck

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