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      has a whole new meaning now thanks to Charley and Francis huh? Glad to see you posting on the board Doug. (And to see Greg online) – anyone hear from Blake – how did Carl make it through – did it reach him?

      Hope all is okay and none suffered too much damage. My in-laws are in Crystal River, Citrus County and we haven’t heard anything from them.

      Catch y’all later.

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      If you are referring to the one from Georgia, I was in Indiana from the 3rd to the 8th. There were a few small branches with leaves in the yard, but nothing that could not be cleaned up with a rake. The next door neighbor of my sister in Indiana had returned from his home in Florida a couple of weeks to clean up trees in his yard from a wind storm. He left to return to Florida on the 8th to clean up from Francis. It doesn’t matter where you live, you can have serious problems from mother nature when she decides to be naughty. glad to hear that everyone in Florida is ok.


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