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      I have four windows in my kitchen that I have gutted for remodeling. The windows have about three layers of paint on them and seem to be sealed shut. I cannot for the life of me get those suckers open. I am also trying to get layers of paint off them. I tried peel away which didn’t work well…then the heat gun which by proximity cracked two of the panes and the sander which did really did not do a lot. I am thinking that I should go out and buy a different brand of stripper. I also need to get the windows open and probably pulled out to replace the broken panes. Do you recommend a particular type of stripper and also how to get the windows open.

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      The best way to get the windows to open is to cut the paint film with a knife blade and free the window from the stops and jambs using a thin putty knife, working all around the inside, and outside of the sash. Once the sash is free, it will rais and lower easily. The window may be held in the jambs by a stop molding. This could carefully removed. The following link illustrates this with pictures and even a video. If we are talking about an older double-hung window, this may help.

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