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      Ok, I got my Aprilaire via UPS today, and it looks like a very simple
      installation. Can’t wait, but lacking some duct and tubing that I have
      to pick up.

      I do have one question though: There is a transformer supplied,
      110v-24vac. The 24vac powers the humidifier.

      The dox say to *not* hook the transformer up to the blower fan circuit.
      Wondering why??? It’s a very low draw transformer, and I think that the
      only time the humidifier should be working is when the hot air blower is
      blowing, so why not hook it up to the blower circuit so it comes on when
      the fan does? There are no auxillary contacts supplying 24vac to connect
      the humidifier to, and I wouldn’t want to do that anyway as I don’t want
      the water solinoid open unless the blower is blowing.

      They do make an optional “circuit draw” module that senses when the fan
      is drawing juice, but that just seems like a money maker to me.

      Any ideas why I can’t just hook this small-draw transformer up to the
      110v line to the fan motor?


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      Ed Friese

      Don’t know about the specifics of the Aprilaire install, but don’t see any reason why you couldn’t hook it up to the fan circuit.
      I installed one of those ‘mist-type’ humidifiers a few years ago, and even though it had a fan sensing circuit, it wasn’t exact. So, I hooked-up a relay to the fan circuit, and wired it up that way.

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      Al Sreifi

      I am deciding on a new furnance could you advice on Brand and model. My old one is a westen house, my house size is about 1200 square foot one floor 3 bedrooms. I need to put a horizantal one since my old one was in the crowl place and it floods all the time, so I have been told to install a horizantal. Could you give how mush should I expect to pay for an installer to do all the work, Thanks

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