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      we went on vacation and to show his anger for not being invited,
      our dog would urniate in the same spot on our area rug
      therefore soaking the carpet and hardwood floor beneath
      it–any ideas on what to do for the hardwood floor???
      we are desperate the odor is nasty.

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      Use your “Find” option on the “Edit” pull down window of your browser and serach for keywords such as “Odor” or “Urine” from the main index page. You will find the answers you seek. Your questions have been answered many times. However, if the urine stained the wood, you won’t like the answers.

      Any further questions, fell free to ask.

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      Joan Lindsay

      re the dog urine in wood floor. sprinkle liberally with baking soda, let stand 24 hrs +-
      and vaccuum up, it should “bubble” the urine out of the floor and take away most stain and smell.

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      Dogs of the previous home owner stained the hardwood floors. It smells and there is a spot that is black. Any ideas to eliminate the odor and the discoloration?

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