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      * I had a new installation of a water heater 5 years ago in the standalone garage. After a spell, it began to smell. I then replaced the water heater. And it worked ok for a year.
      * I think I broke the code. When the shower is used on a daily basis or frequently, there is no smell.
      * The water from the hot water heater has not been used for a month. The smell returned when I washed my hands in the sink.
      * I guess I have to run the water in the sink or shower frequently.
      * What are you thoughts?
      * Adios… Jasper

      Jasper Castillo

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      I have exactly the same issue with the water heater in our farm house in Miss. The house is used on infrequent week-ends and when we turn on the water heater and first use it, we get a strong sulphur dioxide smell untill a fair amount of water is run through the heater. I have inquired and have been told that it is most likely a reaction between the water and the sacrificial anode inside the heater. I was told that replacing the anode would probably correct the situation, but as this is not very high on my list of things which must be done, I have done nothing.

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