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      We bought Behr paint recommended by a Home Depot employee for use on the exterior of our house. We purchased self-priming Behr Paint. We proceeded to paint the house. Within 30 days, the trim paint was peeling off. We called Home Depot and they came out and looked at the problem. They assured us they would take care of this issue for us. They sent their painters out to give us an estimate to remove bad paint, prime and repaint trim which came back at over $16,000.00. Behr offered to refund what we paid for the paint and supply new paint, provided we buy more Behr paint from Home Depot, but we would have to pay the labor cost. The paint is also peeling off of the brick molding around our doors and garage door that all came primed from the manufacturer so we know it is the Berh paint. Home Depot management told us propuct used on preprimed doors and brick molding was “decorative” and not a primer. We are not happy with the service we have gotten from Berh or Home Depot. After conversations with other who have issues with Home Depot and Berh paint products, we are currently seeking the advice of an attorney and think a class action lawsuit should be pursued.

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      Make sure you never paint over a glossy surface or paint will peel off. Also use the new Benjamin Moore Aura paint t is simply the best.

      youc an get it at

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      Sorry to burst the balloon here, but 90% of the time, paint failures are due to lack of prep, and/or poor prep.

      We used to handle Behr paints (independant store…NOT HD), and had good luck with it. We’ve since dropped Behr when we obtained the C2 line (a high-end paint).

      Some questions:
      1) How old/what material is your existing trim substrate?
      2) Was the trim washed, let dry, scraped/sanded and primed?
      * It only takes a LITTLE chalking to screw up the best of paints/primers.
      * A chalking surface is considered an “unsound substrate” and renders any warranty void.
      3) What exact base # is on your cans? Should say on the lower front.
      4) What was the weather like when painting?
      5) What condition was existing paint in? Any cracking, peeling, etc.?

      >>> MOST Pre-primed doors, etc., need to be lightly sanded, dust removed & re-primed. Low-grade primers are usually used; and after shipping, storage, etc., are so dried-out & dirty by the time someone actually BUYS them, that they won’t hold paint very well anymore.

      >>> Even a high-end primer is too dried-out in 1 MONTH to hold anything.


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