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      Glenn D.

      I live in the country and heat with ceiling cable. This is deteriorating and I am looking at LP forced air vs a heat pump. We live in Central Indiana. Would like references and/or experience with these heat sources, what to consider, etc.


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      We live in the western edge of Virginia and have an air heat pump – when the temps get below 30 the heat pump just doesn’t feel like it’s keeping the house warm. We only heat one floor of approx. 1300 sq.ft. and the temps out of the ducts are about 90 degrees and don’t feel warm when it gets in the zero readings..
      Currently I’m investigating either radiant under floor heating using either a propane or oil boiler or a Polaris gas water heater – said to be 94% efficient.
      Also by using a boiler I could add on an outside wood boiler if this ‘greenhouse’ energy stuff gets rolling and sends the fuel costs soaring…!

      The other option I’m looking into is geothermal heat pump, there’s alot to be said to be free of the gas and oil companies…

      good luck in your upgrade….

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