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      I need your help…I consider myself pretty handy, able to overcome anything by simply studing the problem long enough. Well, I guess I met my match… this stupid Hampton Bay ceiling fan has got me stumped. I was able to take most of it apart, the bottom end light fixture, the fan blades, the cast iron decrative globe that sits above the blades and then I came up against a road block. For the life of me, I can not figure out how to remove the braket that attaches the fan to the ceiling. I looked everywhere to find a bolt somewhere to unscrew, but there is none, I tryed to pry the bracket off the ceiling wiht no luck, there must be a trick to this, but I give up…Can anyone out there give me some help to figure out how to remove this bracket..



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      The stem sits in the bracket that is like a balland sockett like your arm attached to your sholder. And comes out thru the keyway Look hard and you’ll find it. you have to move the pole or mounting rod at about a 45 degree angle to remove it.

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      I am also trying to figure out how to remove the globe on a Hampton Bay ceiling fan. If I could remove the globe, I could change the bulb? Did you find out how?

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